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Cover of book, Ingeld's Daughter

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Paths of Exile is available as a paperback and e-book from,, and, and bookshops should be able to order copies. It is also available from the Book Depository (free worldwide shipping). Several e-book formats including Kindle, Epub (Nook, Sony Reader) and Palm are available from Smashwords. Signed copies (limited stock) available direct from the author, contact me for details

Paths of Exile is published by Trifolium Books UK.

Ingeld's Daughter is available for download as a free e-book, or to buy as paperback.

Paths of Exile

Cover of book, Paths of Exile Britain, 605 AD.

When his homeland is defeated by a predatory neighbouring kingdom, Eadwine finds himself on the run for his life.

Homeless, penniless and friendless, literally with a price on his head, he must evade his enemies, avenge his brother's murder and rescue his betrothed. Along the way, he will lose his heart to another woman and discover a shattering secret that challenges all the ideals he holds dear.

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geond lagu lade longe sceolde hreran
mid hondum hrim cealde sæ
wadan wræclastas
wyrd bið ful aræd

(he must for a long time
travel the waterways, the ice-cold sea
tread the paths of exile.
Fate goes as it must)

--From The Wanderer, tenth-century Old English poem


Ingeld's Daughter

Cover of book, Ingeld's Daughter Irinya is Ingeld's daughter, rightful Lady of Carlundy, imprisoned by the tyrannical cousin who usurped her throne and married her by force. When she rescues the mysterious stranger Gyrdan from her husband's guards, she seizes her chance to escape.

But what is Gyrdan's business in Carlundy? Can Irinya's promise to restore justice win her enough support to overthrow the tyrant? And if it does, will she have to order the death of the man she loves?

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