Reader reports and reviews of Ingeld's Daughter

Wondering whether to give Ingeld's Daughter a try? Here is what some readers and reviewers have said about the novel:


I am writing to convey gratitude for your fiction, particularly Ingelds Daughter.
It is my all-time favorite book and I have read it five times despite having a very slow read speed. I even have a paper-back copy.
I think one of the best parts of Ingelds Daughter is the fictitious setting yet there is no magic. It provides a 'this could have really happened' feel that most books lack.
Thankyou again for the brilliant fiction and hope you continue to write more.

--Andrew, by email


I expect that you will guess from the date of this e-mail how much I enjoyed Ingeld's Daughter (well done to Father Christmas for delivery!). Very difficult to put down (not Father Christmas, you understand!). I was particularly impressed by:

I didn't mind its length at all, although perhaps there were a few too many sub-plots/liaisons and it was quite difficult to recall all the various tribes and which were Highlanders and which Lowlanders. It must be very difficult, however, to decide what is or is not enough in respect of characters, plots, liaisons and descriptions, so please do not think this a criticism; it is only an impression and I thought it was just right in Paths of Exile

- Alex, by email


Not being much of a fiction fan, I was not encouraged to try "Ingeld's Daughter" but after reading "Paths of Exile" and noticing that the purely fictional parts were in no way disappointing, I tried the first pages, and was swept into reading the whole thing. I could hardly leave it and read it over three days. It is reminiscent of Tolkien but without the elves, talking trees and so on.
Irinya's experiences with Radwulf left me outraged and bordering on tears (I have nothing to say in his favour, a complete waste of DNA). I was still puzzled as to why observing other married women seeming quite contented with their lot did not help her deduce that it didn't have to be that way, but once I escaped from the "man trying to understand women" trap I realised that we all have obscure fears which are not at all eased by watching others cope with the feared situation.
The trial was certainly long but this was designed to make a point - Irinya did not want to leave any loophole in a situation in which she had a strong personal interest in the outcome

- Doug, by email


I couldn´t put it down until I had finished the entire book - Just wanted to encorage you to keep on writing and let you know that I am definately a new fan! And thanks for putting your books in PDF online - I am from the US but living in Chile, so I really get excited to find new online books in English! I love books like yours that are fantasy, but placed in a real setting with historical details and facts (that have been researched so thoroughly as yours).
I like being taken back to a different time when people were, at least it seems from outer appearances, more noble and chivalrous. My favorite character was Irinya -- her determination and strong will to overcome her past and to do the best thing for her country, no matter the cost to her personally was inspirational.

- Ashlea, by email


The book has wonderful, engaging characters, and not just the two protagonists. Hygurd in particular is one of the most interesting, intriguing characters I've ever come across. It was fascinating the way his character unfolded in the story. If you write a sequel it would be lovely to have Hygurd in a central role (and a romance for him?).
The account of Gyrdan's trial was awesome. It's possibly my favourite part of the whole book. Despite one reader's complaint that it was too long, I thought it was perfect. I had no idea how you could extricate Irinya from her dilemma. It seemed impossible that there should be a way out.
Many, many thanks for sharing these clever books and a wonderful read.

- Toni, by email


Ingeld's Daughter proved to be a dense and amusing novel. I've got to say that your battle descriptions are probably the best !! Did you study strategy and tactics? because the battles arrangements were amazing.
Also, the humane part is very developed. Most especially the caves part, where the lost feeling is so intense and the emotional dependency mutually developed was really heart touching. The trial of Gyrdan was also thrilling, though it kind of depressed me when the crowd shouted him as a murderer after all that he have done to them. Also, the marriage between Gyrdan and Irinya, when they had to deal with the suffering and painful memoirs of her previous horrible experiences. I'm quite sure if this was performed in a movie properly, then an Oscare awaits the actors, especially the one playing Irinya, tormented between love and fear, longing and miserable shameful pain, wanting to please, yet unable to trust her beloved one and herself about her could make a hard-hearted guy like me weep inside from pity.
Keep going and good luck, I really admire you for making history alive again through novels

- Tysseer, by email


I’ve just finished reading “Ingeld’s Daughter” and love it. Please write many more novels.

-Karen, by email


I have always been intrigued by medievalism, if you will, and found it difficult to find readings on-line that would interest me. Then, I found Ingeld's Daughter! I became consumed by it. You are a very good writer and I have cherished every page of your story.

I have Paths of Exile in waiting and I look forward to losing myself once again.

-Troy, by email


I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed Ingelds Daughter and would love to see a sequel to it!!

-Lynn, by email


I finished Ingeld's Daughter today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters who all had their individual traits and voices. No one was wholly bad (although Radwulf came close) or wholly good. Hygurd was very interesting indeed and close to the line. Corin I could cheerfully have strangled him and felt no remorse <g> . Gyrdan was a fantastic hero (although Fastred ran him close, and I rather liked Guthrum too) and Irinya a strong, and different heroine. The landscape itself played its role too, especially at the beginning when Gyrdan and Irinya were fleeing. I felt the first part of the story was very Tolkienesque in Gyrdan and Irinya's struggle through the wilderness. Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining read and I'll certainly recommend it to others.

-Elizabeth Chadwick, author of The Greatest Knight


I just wanted to say that I just finished Ingeld’s Daughter and I thought it was fantastic! I couldn’t put it down! Breathtaking! I tip my hat to you. Great story!

-Lacey, by email


I am totally entranced. I cannot seem to put it down and all through the day and deep into the evening I'm sneaking peeks and reading and reading and reading and being totally absorbed into this delightfully rich novel.

I loved it. I loved every minute of it. I loved being captured right from the first page. I enjoyed watching the characters unfold. I loved the drama, the suspense, the rawness of it all. I couldn't put it down.

Thank you once again for sharing such an incredible book.

-Gabrielle, by email


gr8?. Simply gr8?.
It got me by surprise....captured me.... made me identify with the characters... judge them ? love them? admire them?. Criticize them? hate them? pity them?. All the time believing that they are real life ppl in a real world?
I simply loved it? and I love Irynia (did I spell it right?) for her strength n never-get-down-to-her-knee attitude?
And Gordyn? I loved his character? his sense of loyalty? everything?
... the tension building... the character developments... the way the story unfolded itself... layer by mysterious layers... the detective works... the dirty yet very clever politics... the setup of the story.... everything was superb...
and i loved the surprise at the end... i enjoyed it... not just that... "and they lived happily ever after";... a very mature end? left me gasping for more?
u managed to steel one whole night's sleep and in return gave me (gave us actually) a beautiful original magnetic novel and left me quite breathless ... i m a bit fuzzy-headed now from the lack of sleep and thus not so articulate... so for now let me just thank u for the very enjoyable yet brain wrecking time i had while reading the story

-Mouri, by email


I just finished Ingeld's Daughter. (Forgive me the improper citation of a title... my email program does not allow me to italize words!) Let me just say that your novel captivated me like few books have, and I am an avid reader. I read the book almost in one setting. It has been a long time since I found a book worth reading through the night, but I found one in your novel! I never thought to find such a book free and online!

You are a splendid author, and I hope you continue to write works of fiction. I especially like Ingeld's Daughter because it is in a fantasy land, but without the constant magic seen in many such books. Your character's are captivating, and I hope that you continue the story of Ingeld's Daughter... especially if it elaborates on the life of Gyrdan.

-Haley, by email


So I am not usually into historical fiction but this book was recommended to me and I simply couldn't put it down - and given how thick it is, that is totally saying something. I like the good guys to win in the end and the thing about this book is that these characters are complex, flawed people who struggle not just with cruel, constant adversity but also the people they have become to survive. I was totally swept away with the magical writing and found myself in a totally different place and time, nearly dropping the book in the bath over an anxious, nail biting battle! Totally recommend this book. I want to read the next one in the series just to hear how my fav characters are now going.

-Veronique Smith


I really enjoyed the book. I started reading it around 1030 Wednesday night and finished around 4pm the next day. It’s a well-written, fast-paced read with plenty of action (plenty of action–I don’t think the plot took a single breath once it got going), romance, and humor. Carla has created an extrordinarily realistic society and her characters are deep and multifaceted.

-Nessili, Hitting the Books. Read the full review here.


The pace rarely slackens in this extended adventure. Whenever the action slows down, there are colorful, well-rounded characters to keep our attention glued with their personal desires. Gyrdan is an impressive hero with many secrets; Irinya is movingly vulnerable, yet responsible and intelligent. Colorful people gather around them. The gorgeous Fastred attracts women like a magnet; he finds a mate who will take readers’ breaths away. Fastred’s servants, the caretaking Rose and adolescent Corin, have satisfying stories. Radwulf’s lords (it would be too much to call some of them “nobles”) have serious decisions to make: each of the leaders we know best must decide according to his own distinct reasons.

INGELD’S DAUGHTER is laced with humor. It may be satire, or clever wording, or something incongruous that ambushes us. An example is the viewpoint of the prisoners after the Battle of Eagle Crag, which kept tickling me until I finally cracked up. Laughter leavens these serious adventures and keeps us from succumbing to adrenaline excess.

-Joy Calderwood, Reviewers Choice. Read the full review here


Ingeld’s Daughter is a brilliant book. Irinya is a thoughtful, courageous leader. She survived a terrible ordeal, which has left her scarred but with a scrupulous integrity, a passion for justice, and the drive to liberate her people at all costs. She expertly negotiates the politics of war, and inspires the hard-earned loyalty of her people. It isn’t easy for a woman with a terrible history like hers to allow herself to love and be loved, but Gyrdan is a worthy partner for her and she slowly allows him into her heart. But as a new leader who is attempting to uphold the rule of law, will her scrupulous integrity require her to order Gyrdan’s condemnation and death? I loved the historical fiction, I loved the politics and the war, I loved the humor, I loved Irinya for being a strong, intelligent, tortured heroine, but the most wonderful part of this book for me was the love story. The terrible trap for Irinya is that it is her strength and intelligence that causes the conflict that may pull the two lovers apart. And Gyrdan was totally hot.

-Chloe Fox


I just finished it and loved every minute of it.

I really enjoyed your style of writing - the way you made your characters relatable people, instead of comic book hero's.
The way the individuals grew and learned through their struggles, and the way war and destruction were for once not shown as a path to glory but as the means to an end.
Your attention to detail everywhere - like when it came to the physical needs to support an army were also refreshing e.g.. the clearing a path for the supply chain.
Most authors seem to forget that their troops (imaginary as they are) need to eat. It was all very well thought out - as were your battle strategies.
It all added up to a much more realistic and enjoyable story :-)

The only thing that i wasn't so sure about was the ending, where you say "the child that might take her life as the price for its own"
I think i would have preferred it if you had just left it at "Their child, heir to Carlundy, her country's future"
As much as i enjoyed you keeping the characters real, i think i would have preferred the novel to end on a happy note.

But as i said - I absolutely loved it

-Rose, by email


I have just finished reading Ingeld's Daughter. I enjoyed it so much. That when i was away from my computer i could not wait to get back to it and continue on reading the rest of the story. I loved this story because it had a lot of hardships and heartbreaks like most stories that always have a happy ever after theme. Many died or were killed in here and with everything all combind together it was an excellent novel.
I have not read a book in a long time that was this good. Keep up the good work. :)

-Michelle, by email


The book is pitch-perfect: history buffs will love it, and a general audience won't be put off by language or informational difficulties. And there will certainly be no problem with pace! You're a gifted storyteller!

-John Ahearn, by email


I LOVE your book "Ingeld's Daughter" I'm only on chapter 16 but goodness I can't put the book down.

-Jeisha, by email


The tale has everything - a curse, a quest, battles, betrayal, twists and turnings, the use and misuse of power, the conflict of principles and principalities, unusual characters with depth and desire - all in a superbly realized setting.

-Bernita Harris


I have read the first chapter so far and the writing is excellent with great characterization and wonderful setting.


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